Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs allow people to have consistent page URLs for domains. This is mainly useful for search engines, so that they can send people to the correct page.

Read the Docs uses these in two ways:

  • We point all versions of your docs at the “latest” version as canonical
  • We point at the user specified canonical URL, generally a custom domain for your docs.


Fabric hosts their docs on Read the Docs. They mostly use their own domain for them This means that Google will index both and for their documentation.

Fabric will want to set as their canonical URL. This means that when Google indexes, it will know that it should really point at


You can set the canonical URL for your project in the Project Admin page. Check your Domains tab for the domains that we know about.


If you look at the source code for documentation built after you set your canonical URL, you should see a bit of HTML like this:

<link rel="canonical" href="">