Before contributing to Read the Docs, make sure your patch passes our test suite and your code style passes our code linting suite.

Read the Docs uses Tox to execute testing and linting procedures. Tox is the only dependency you need to run linting or our test suite, the remainder of our requirements will be installed by Tox into environment specific virtualenv paths. Before testing, make sure you have Tox installed:

pip install tox

To run the full test and lint suite against your changes, simply run Tox. Tox should return without any errors. You can run Tox against all of our environments by running:


In order to run all test including the search tests, include "'--including-search'" argument:

tox "'--including-search'"

To target a specific environment:

tox -e py27

The tox configuration has the following environments configured. You can target a single environment to limit the test suite:

    Run our test suite using Python 2.7

    Run code linting using `Prospector`_. This currently runs `pylint`_,
    `pyflakes`_, `pep8`_ and other linting tools.

    Test documentation compilation with Sphinx.

Continuous Integration

The RTD test suite is exercised by Travis CI on every push to our repo at GitHub. You can check out the current build status: https://travis-ci.org/rtfd/readthedocs.org