Single Version Documentation

Single Version Documentation lets you serve your docs at a root domain. By default, all documentation served by Read the Docs has a root of /<language>/<version>/. But, if you enable the “Single Version” option for a project, its documentation will instead be served at /.


This means you can’t have translations or multiple versions for your documentation.

You can see a live example of this at


You can toggle the “Single Version” option on or off for your project in the Project Admin page. Check your dashboard for a list of your projects.


Links generated on Read the Docs will now point to the proper URL. For example, if pip was set as a “Single Version” project, then links to its documentation would point to rather than the default

Documentation at /<language>/<default_version>/ will still be served for backwards compatibility reasons. However, our usage of Canonical URLs should stop these from being indexed by Google.