Conda Support


This feature is in a beta state. Please file an issue if you find anything wrong.

Read the Docs supports Conda as an environment management tool, along with Virtualenv. Conda support is useful for people who depend on C libraries, and need them installed when building their documentation.

This work was funded by Clinical Graphics – many thanks for their support of Open Source.

Activating Conda

Conda Support is the first feature enabled with Read the Docs YAML Config. You can enable it by creating a readthedocs.yml file in the root of your repository with the contents:

    file: environment.yml

This Conda environment will also have Sphinx and other build time dependencies installed. It will use the same order of operations that we support currently:

  • Environment Creation (conda env create)
  • Dependency Installation (Sphinx)

Custom Installs

If you are running a custom installation of Read the Docs, you will need the conda executable installed somewhere on your PATH. Because of the way conda works, we can’t safely install it as a normal dependency into the normal Python virtualenv.


Installing conda into a virtualenv will override the activate script, making it so you can’t properly activate that virtualenv anymore.